When you join the IRMCA you become an important part of one of the most dynamic concrete associations in the country. You will share in educational, promotional, and social programs in your area, which results in you and your employees becoming even more knowledgeable about the concrete industry, and keeps your company on the leading edge of technology.

As a result of the marketing and promotional efforts by the IRMCA staff, you will reap the rewards of increased exposure to the construction industry and increased business. After all, eighty-five percent of all ready-mixed concrete poured in Indiana is represented by IRMCA membership.

In addition to the many benefits to your business, you will also enjoy the fellowship of people who, just like you, are in the concrete business.

Download the IRMCA Membership Brochure here (PDF).


  • One on one technical information and presentations from the IRMCA staff.
  • Marketing assistance and presentations from the IRMCA staff.
  • Legislative updates.
  • IRMCA Video Library containing over 100 video tapes.
  • Promotional and technical literature library.
  • The latest technology in the concrete industry.
  • The American Concrete Institute Literature Library, which is housed in the IRMCA office.
  • Multiple networking opportunities throughout the year.
  • Gives you the opportunity to be part of a group of committed industry professionals who participate in shaping the future and growth of the concrete industry in Indiana.