Concrete Washout – Educate Yourself

Being one of the most visible aspects of the building industry, the ready-mix concrete industry must stay in compliance with regulatory agencies and the general public.  Years ago, concrete slurry was not regarded as an environmental issue, but in today’s green movement, the concrete industry garners the spotlight more than ever.  The secret is out, regulatory agencies are cracking down on concrete washout violations on any scale, so it is crucial to follow the simple guidelines and ensure that the ready-mix industry is a good neighbor today and tomorrow.

Here at the IRMCA, we have developed a program to assist in these matters, on this page you will find a helpful guide to proper concrete washout methods and instilling a proactive mindset for your company.

This issue affects all components of the ready-mix concrete industry, contractors, producers, as well as, property developers, general contractors, and the agencies that enforce these regulations.  All must work together to get the job done.