Decorative Concrete

Although concrete as been used since ancient times, today’s industry is finding new and creative ways to use this durable material. Decorative concrete is quickly emerging as the preferred choice for owners, specifiers, contractors, and producers looking for an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional gray concrete.

Today, the color of concrete can be altered through the use of options such as acid stains, “shake on” dry powders, and/or integral dry powder or liquid colors. Additionally, the surface appearance can be altered through the use of such options as “press down” stamps, post-applied stencils, or architectural forms. Through the use of any of these methods, concrete can be made to resemble a number of appearances, including: cobblestone, marble, brick, etc.

The possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination. In addition, today’s “mass produced” nature of ready-mixed concrete provides an economic alternative to the labor-intensive traditional methods of achieving such finishes. Please take a few moments to learn more about the exciting world of decorative concrete.

For more information or to get some questions answered, follow the link and check out the Indiana Decorative Concrete Network. This site is absolutely loaded with info, pictures, and serves as one of Indiana’s greatest decorative concrete resources.