The Concrete Mixer: A Social Event

Thursday, June 29, 2023

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM EST

Presented by the IRMCA

This summer we are rolling out a new series of social events for 2023, appropriately titled:  "The Concrete Mixer".

At our first event on  June 29, we will be visiting the Top Shot Firearms Simulator in Indianapolis. We have 20 spots available for this exciting event where we will safely learn about firearms and have some friendly competition. 

During this event, participants will experience a two-hour simulator session where we will learn proper safety and gun handling, then partake in some target shooting to get warmed up. After everyone has completed a couple of rounds of target shoot and has a feel for the simulated firearm of choice, we will form teams and entire into some friendly competition. 

Competitors will be placed into real-life scenarios and scored on time to complete accuracy and a few other scoreable options. 
Event Fee: $50
Top Shot Firearms Simulator
1125 E. Brookside Ave.
Suite C02
Indianapolis, IN
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