Flowable Fill

Tired of the bumps in the road that appear after a road is cut in order to repair utilities? Ask your local officials about Flowable Fill.

Flowable Fill is a cost-effective alternative to the conventional method of replacing material under the roadway after utilities have been installed, or repaired. Often, the crews dump stone, sand, or other material into the trench and then compact it with equipment. This method can lead to damaged pipes in the trench, and cannot provide 100% compaction.

Less than 100% compaction means that settlement will occur. Settlement leads to dips in the road that not only cause damage to cars, and discomfort to those riding in them, but it also requires the crews to come back and re-install material over the settled surface.

Flowable Fill is less expensive and a good Asset Management Tool for local street and highway officials.

When street and highway crews use Flowable Fill to replace the material under the street surface after a utility repair, the Flowable Fill provides 100% compaction, and allows zero settlement. No dips in the road, no damaged vehicles, no coffee spilled in your lap when you cross the repaired section of road.

The repaired section of road will often be unnoticed to the public. The road is smoother, and there is not a need for the road crew to return and re-repair the road!

Flowable Fill
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