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Step into IRMCA's memories of Concrete Excellence and exciting, networking events!

At IRMCA, we're all about building a concrete legacy, and our Event Archives are the living proof of that journey. It's where the past, present, and future of the concrete world converge. Explore these virtual halls packed with video galleries from our grand events.

It's a front-row seat to captivating panel discussions, electrifying keynote presentations, and the very pulse of the concrete industry. Whether you're a seasoned IRMCA veteran or a fresh face, the IRMCA Event Archives are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

These videos are more than records. They are windows into the vibrant community that make up IRMCA.


PNW - Lets Build Camp - 2023 - Finishing Concrete

Dive into the heart of IRMCA and its commitment to the next generation of industry leaders. Geared towards high school students, dedicated educators, and curious Hoosiers, IRMCA's Community Outreach Events provide hands-on and memorable experiences for all. Experience a journey of career promotion, interactive events, and inspiring events helping to form and shape the future of Hoosier concrete.


Join us as we journey through the past and prepare for the future, celebrating Hoosier concrete heritage and paving the way for the next generations. Our Member Documents hold a trove of information, upcoming event agendas and past event highlight summaries.

Whether you're an IRMCA veteran seeking the latest records or a new member eager to dive into our dynamic history, this section unlocks a world of information. The IRMCA Member Documents is more than just a collection of files; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community. 


Bringing our Members and Concrete Enthusiasts, the latest trends and insights from Indiana and beyond. Explore exciting stories about upcoming events, association highlights, sponsorship opportunities, and all things Hoosier Concrete Culture in our Quarterly Newsletters.